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A Masterpiece that solves all your agricultural hassles

Move from newbie to professional farmer in a few taps

We provide smart and flexible agricultural services

We listened to you – the farmer and designed a mobile application that allows you to get the most out of your farm with the most convenience and low cost.

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Green-coat Services

Green-coat Services

Soil, water and plant analysis are effective ways for farmers to increase their capabilities. This service is on the app.

My Shamba

My Shamba

With the My Shamba page a farmer can keep track of his farm from anywhere in the world. This includes records of inputs.

Resource Analysis

Resource Analysis

Soil water and plants are all part of nature’s natural healthy vibrant ecosystem. This ecosystem cycles nutrients and holds water.



The shop is where farmers can source the agricultural inputs. Each of the companies will be examined by the ecosystem







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We promise you nothing but the best
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Kumea is every agronomist’s wish for
service provision and getting work

Pocket-friendly for all

Services Pricing

Basic farmer

The small package to get you started

Weather prediction, notifications, smart guides and suggestions and shop.

Extension Officers

Out of the box farming services

Soil Testing, Water Analysis, Plant Tissue, Agronomist Services and other exciting features.

Agro Shops

Listing for shops and agrovets

This enables you to expand your business by getting listed on our ecosystem/platform.

Ecosystem key players

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